About Us


"Flowers feed our soul in a different way. They remind us of a God who creates beautiful things and takes notice of the tiniest detail" - Tricia Goyer

The inspiration behind The Lily Field (TLF) traces back to the 'Lilies of the Field' mentioned in the Bible. Touched by God's love through His creation, The Lily Field got its name! It's a celebration of the uniqueness of creation, where every shape and form is beautiful.

As TLF expands, our vision is akin to designing and narrating stories through creation and the language of flowers. We aim to capture timeless elegance and natural beauty through each bloom, uniquely designed with its own shape, form, and movement. We aspire to incorporate these characteristics through the artful arrangement of flowers.

Our services encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from simple bouquets to opulent events, intimate gatherings, corporate functions, and workshops. We strive to provide a personalized experience crafted just for you. You'll get to relish the floral journey with us – from the simple to the most elaborate.

Join us in celebrating life's exquisite moments, one lily at a time. Immerse yourself in the artistry of flowers as The Lily Field unfolds its beauty in your world.