About Us


"Flowers feed our soul in a different way. They remind us of a God who creates beautiful things and takes notice of the tiniest detail" - Tricia Goyer

The Lily Field (TLF) originates from the verse ‘Lilies of the Field’ which is taken from the bible. It that tells us not to be anxious but to trust in God who loves and cares for us.

Touched by this meaning, Maureen named her company ‘Lilies of the Field’. It is a reminder that God is with her in this journey and she does not to be anxious but trust in His plans.

At TLF, we work with flowers and foliage best described as wild, strong, and free.  Each bouquet curated by us exudes the charm of women's loveliness and strength, while each wedding that we design immerses one into a lush luscious garden.

By appreciating the characteristics of wild flowers, in their beauty, strength, and uniqueness in different environments and seasons, remind us that we can flourish and grow despite experiencing different circumstances; and we have hope to become strong, refined, and distinct individuals.